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Youth4Nigeria Spring Internship Programme




Youth4Nigeria is a non-profit platform established to boost youth civic engagement in Nigeria. We are working to get Youths more interested and involved in nation-building activities and encourage them to use their skills, resources and voice to impact sustainable change.

We are embarking on a political participation campaign, working to educate young people within the 18-35 bracket on their political rights and powers and encourage them to participate in politics in all its different ways possible (voting, accountability/governance, petitioning, running for office, joining a party etc).

This campaign will be run in the South-West states (Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti and Ondo), and six interns would be hired to champion relevant tasks in each state.


Research: Interns will be responsible for collecting, analyzing and presenting data on:

  • Political offices and structures within the state
  • Higher institutions within the state and information on bureaucratic structures
  • The current attitude of our target audience when it comes to political participation, and what is influencing this
  • Relevant stakeholders who have done similar work, or shown interest in politics, governance, and youth e.g. NGO, state ministries, influencers and HNIs, faculties, student associations etc.
  • All findings are to be presented in a detailed report, which includes information on the scope of research highlighted above, and any other areas as directed by the team leads.

Partnerships: Identify and liaise with potential partners, including, but not limited to, donor organizations, NGOs, state ministries, influencers and HNIs, faculties, and student associations.

Project Management: Coordinate a team of volunteers to ensure set objectives are met within the stipulated timelines. Interns may also be called upon to support other tasks, depending on availability and skills set.

Criteria & Qualifications

  • The candidate must be a graduate or currently enrolled in a university/polytechnic.
  • Demonstrated experience in carrying out market research, using a combination of desk and field research, and the ability to distil findings into effective insights.
  • The ideal candidate is inquisitive and has excellent written and verbal skills. The candidate is reliable and able to work independently, with little to no supervision.
  • Although this role is virtual, preferred candidates would reside in their chosen states to aid field research work.
  • The ideal candidate will have extensive local networks within the state, including academic institutions, public and civic entities etc.

Please note that this is a full time position and it will require an average of 40 hours of work weekly.

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